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Town Manager: Catherine Voyce
Community Centre, School
Street, Syston, Leicester

Development & General Purposes Committee

Chairman: Cllr S Gerrard
Vice Chairman: Cllr M Carnall

Cllr S Brown, Cllr P Knight, Cllr J Lucas, Cllr M Mcloughlin, Cllr K Pacey, Cllr D Pepper, and Cllr H Screaton, Cllr S Tonge

This Committee meets on the first Tuesday of every month except in August

The purpose of the Development & General Purposes Committee is to:

debate issues concerning planning applications and to make comments to the Planning Authority on behalf of the Council.

to consider and make recommendations to Council on highway matters.

to consider all issues relating to street scene in Syston, including street ornaments, benches, bins, signs, air pollution and CCTV monitoring.

to clean and maintain the Public toilets on Melton Road car park

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